New Buquebus Does Buenos Aires To Montevideo In 2 Hours

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The US$150 million Buquebus is the world’s first dual fuel high-speed passenger ferry.

Buquebus will christen the newest addition to its fleet tonight at 20:00 in Puerto Madero and, in the process, the Southern Cone finally gets its own Popemobile.

Austarlian wave piercing ferry builder Incat Tasmania built the new LNG-powered vessel over the past three years. It is the world’s first high-speed dual fuel vehicle and passenger ferry capable of traveling at 58.1 knots or 107 kilometers per hour.

At that rate, the new Buquebus will make the daily run from Buenos Aires to Montevideo in just over two hours…2:12 to be exact. Given the headaches and delays associated with flying in and out of Aeroparque, the high-speed Buquebus is a more civilized option for crossing the river…with no baggage fees.

The new Buquebus, initially dubbed Lopez Mena after the company’s visionary owner, will be christened the “Pope Francisco” in honor of the most famous Argentine in the Vatican. In addition to a 10,000 square foot Duty Free shop, multiple levels, lounges and four categories of seating, Francisco has capacity for 976 passengers and 150 vehicles.

After months of testing and a three-week trek from Australia, the US$150 million vessel makes its maiden voyage with paying passengers on Wednesday. “Francisco Papa” will make the Buenos Aires to Montevideo round-trip run twice daily. (Full Story in Spanish)

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