New Report Reveals The Noisiest Streets In Buenos Aires

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Avenida Santa Fe y Callao

Avenida Santa Fe and Callao is the midpoint of one of the loudest areas in Buenos Aires.

Outdoor noise levels in many areas of Buenos Aires are rising and unending from early morning to overnight hours, according to a new analysis of dB measurements by the University of Palermo’s Research Center for Sustainable Engineering (CIIS).

“The average noise levels that we put up with day and night exceed the tolerable limits established by international agencies,” writes La Nacion’s Laura Rocha adding that 86% of the measurements taken throughout Capital Federal indicated average  noise levels above 70 dB while 50% exceeded 75 dB.

Avenida Rivadavia, two blocks from the Parque Rivadavia, topped the ranking of noisiest streets in Buenos Aires with an average measurement of 77.6 dB. In second place with a measurement of 77.5 dB is the nine-block stretch of Avenida Santa Fe extending from Uruguay to Callao to Uriburu.

Belgrano claims third prize at the intersection of Avenida Cabildo and Juramento (75 dB) which the CIIS report describes as an area “louder than the levels measured at Jorge Newberry Airport or a textile mill or industrial machinery plant.”  The busiest avenues in Villa Devoto and Villa Urquiza round out the Top 5 at 73.9 dB and 73.2 dB.

And the quietest areas of Buenos Aires? The report says Quilmes Street in Nueva Pompeya (61.5 dB) and Parque Avellaneda (65.7 dB). (Full Story in Spanish)

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