Palermo Polo Grounds Could Be Converted To Affordable Housing

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El Campo de Polo de Palermo podría seguir el mismo camino que La Rural

If transferred, Cronista says spring polo in the Palermo parks could be riding off into the sunset.

If you thought last month’s news regarding the proposed nationalization of the La Rural Expo Center was unexpected, there’s a follow-up sure to jerk the reins of polo fans, players and corporate sponsors here in Buenos Aires.

Cronista’s Carlos Arbi­a says the idea of nationalizing the Campo Argentino de Polo “has begun to emerge in government offices. The objective would be to transfer the property from the Army’s Cavalry Division to Onabe, the agency that administers the lands and buildings owned by the State.”

The 14.8-acre (6 hectare) parcel at the corner of Avenida Libertador and Dorrego is one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the country. The site of the annual Campeonato Abierto de Polo which reunites the world’s best polo players like Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres each December features two polo fields, stables and stadium seating for over 15,000 spectators.

If nationalized, Arbi­a says the annual polo ground events like the Abierto could be run by the government “for commercial use” similar to La Rural. Another alternative would be to designate a portion of the grounds or the entire parcel as land available for the construction of state housing financed by the Banco Hipotecario.

As the Campo Argentino is currently run by the Army, iProfesional says a simple decree is all that would be needed to trigger the transfer. (Full Story in Spanish)

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