Polo Lovers Riding Out the Global Recession in Argentina

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In yesterday’s post, we learned why one global investor believes Argentina offers some of the best real estate values in South America. Today, the Financial Times’ Oliver Balch explains why the uber-rich, especially those with a passion for poloare riding out the recession in Argentina. (Full article)

INVESTBA readers know October to December is polo prime time in Argentina, but Balch explains that interest remains strong year-round given Argentina’s plentiful and inexpensive prairies…the world-class quality of its bloodlines…(and) its crop of exceptional players (Of the 12 best-ranked players in the world, 11 are Argentine). Cutting-edge breeding and affordable embryonic transfer facilities are also cited as competitive advantages for Argentina’s polo industry.

“Death and bankruptcy are the only reasons to quit polo,” says Balch, “As long as the country’s mega-rich patrons remain healthy and wealthy, its polo industry should as well.” And thanks to Argentina’s relative affordability, it’s not just the mega-rich who can enjoy the polo lifestyle. Polo tourism has grown exponentially in Buenos Aires province thanks to the number of estancias offering polo clinics like La Aguada, El Venado and La Araucaria.

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