Puerto Madero New Condos Keep Rising Over Docks 2 and 3

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When the master plan for Puerto Madero was first unveiled in 1992, there was no mention of high-rise buildings for commercial or residential use. Two decades later, there are two dozen Puerto Madero buildings with over 20 stories and more on the way.

Puerto Madero Reaches 26 Towers & Changes BA’s Horizon is the headline of Pablo Novillo’s analysis in Clarin which examines the pace of new construction, the average price per square meter and the growing sense of division between the city and the river due to the crescent condo curtain.

Novillo describes today’s Puerto Madero as a barrio with two very distinct feelings and zoning patterns: the renovated historic buildings with mostly five stories along Avenida Moreau de Justo and, on the other side of the docks, “the Tower Zone” with most high-rises concentrated along Docks 2 and 3.

Upon completion, the two towers currently under construction, the Alvear 56-story Alvear Luxury Tower, and the 32-story Alvear Hotel Puerto Madero, will add two more superlatives to the neighborhood: tallest-building in Buenos Aires and highest average sales price per square meter.

Still, new construction will not necessarily translate into new neighbors. The 2010 Census found only 4,720 full-time residents in Puerto Madero which is 28% of the original projection made by the neighborhood development corporation, writes Novillo. These types of numbers only further the notion that Puerto Madero is still the barrio with the highest ratio of laundromats to residents.

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