Belgrano, Colegiales, Nuñez Top BA Barrio Economic Ranking

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The Buenos Aires trio of Belgrano, Colegiales and Nunez (BCN) came out on top of a citywide ranking of BA barrios based on a variety of economic and quality of life factors.

La Nacion’s annual household survey ranks neighborhoods from 1 to 10 on factors like education, employment, health care coverage and infrastructure. The residents of Comuna 13 which includes Belgrano, Colegiales and Nunez, have the highest percentage of employed heads of households (75.6%) and residents with higher education degrees, according to La Nacion’s Pablo Tomino.

The BCN ranks second in terms of residents with private health insurance, and there are 14 hospitals and clinics spread out among the three barrios. In terms of education, Belgrano has 28 public schools and 112 private schools; Colegiales has 18 public/44 private and Nunez has 17 public/35 private. 64,000 students attend classes in these 254 schools which means the average BCN school has around 250 students.

BCN residents also tend to be homebodies. A full two-thirds of Comuna 13 residents were born in Capital Federal. The other 15% were born in the Province of Buenos Aires, 10% were born in other provinces and the remaining 7% were born outside of Argentina.

Average household incomes of $11,659 pesos place the BCN number two overall in Buenos Aires, second only to Palermo ($12,038 pesos) and one rung above Recoleta ($10,345 pesos). (Full Story in Spanish)

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