VanityBA: Maxima’s Meteoric Rise From BA Teen To Dutch Queen

Maxima Reina de Holanda

Orange & Grace: Maximania reaches a peak at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. (Photo: AFP)

She was born in Buenos Aires to a middle class family, and today she becomes the Queen of the Netherlands.

As Princess of the Netherlands for the past eleven years, Maxima has won the hearts of her fellow Dutch citizens, as well as Argentines who have been swept up in what the local press is describing as Maximania.

La Nacion’s Elisabetta Pique charts Maxima’s meteoric rise from a Buenos Aires barrio to the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Maxima Zorreguieta¬†and her siblings attended one of BA’s best private schools, the Northlands School in Olivos.¬†Her parents prioritized education in hopes that it would open the door to another world, writes Pique.

That door eventually opened, and the path led Maxima to Manhattan where she held institutional sales positions with several investment banks including HSBC, Dresdner Kleinwort and Deutsche Bank. It was at the New York City Marathon where her friend Cynthia Kaufmann met Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange. Kaufmann played the role of matchmaker, and the rest is history.

Maxima has served the past eleven years as a model princess, wife and mother of three young daughters: Catharina-Amalia (9), Alexia (7) and Ariane (5). In addition to her royal duties, Maxima holds positions with the country’s most important advisory board, the Dutch Council of State, the Orange Fund, the UN and the G20 among others. (Full Story in Spanish)

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