Regional Survey: How Hot Is Buenos Aires for Foreign Investors?

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If Buenos Aires were a woman, how attractive is she compared to the other municipal babes in Latin America? It might sound like the premise for a really bad reality TV show, but it was actually the focus of a serious study on foreign investment undertaken by a Chilean consulting firm and the research arm of a major Colombian university.

According to, the Urban Investment Attractiveness Index (UIAI) sought to measure the degree of attractiveness of cities across Latin America based on factors like a.) the ability to attract foreign investment, b.) the quality of climate for foreign investors, c.) the strength of local stock markets, and d.) the prospects for future growth.

And while Buenos Aires wasn’t the first mina chosen by the bachelor, she wasn’t exactly voted off the island in the first round. (That was Venezuela.) In fact, BA came in a respectable fifth place overall in the UIAI survey of 48 cities. BA and fourth-placed Rio de Janeiro were credited with their status as “famous world cities and the strong presence of multinationals.” And Rio wasn’t the only Brazilian cidade feeling the love.

In choosing the #1 city overall, the UIAI said Sao Paulo was the hottest woman at the rose ceremony. The praise, which probably sits as well with Argentines as Time’s selection of Lula today as the world’s most influential leader, was full of superlatives: “Sao Paulo combines the best conditions for foreign investment given the importance of the market, the climate for investors and the diversity of investment options.” Now that’s hot.

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