VanityBA: The Running Boom Sprints Through Argentina

running in buenos aires

Over 400,000 runners participated in 100+ Buenos Aires road races last year alone.

In terms of competition, Argentina has long been associated with classic team sports like futbol, rugby, polo and field hockey. But it’s an individual sport that has swept through the country in recent years winning converts, alleviating stress and changing lifestyles.

“The Running Boom: In 4 Years, The Number of Runners In Argentina Doubled” is the headline of Fernando Soriano’s article in Clarin highlighting the country’s growing fascination with running, a trend we identified four years ago. (See A Correr: Why Buenos Aires Has Become A Runner’s Paradise.)

Last year in Buenos Aires alone, over 400,000 runners participated in 100+ races like Nike’s We Run Buenos Aires 10K, the Reebok 10K, the Banco Galicia Maraton X Equipos and the annual Buenos Aires Marathon and Half-Marathon in October. Soriano says six out of ten runners in Argentina are men with the majority (57%) between 31 and 45 years old.

80% of Argentina runners say they run 3 or 4 times a week with the majority saying their favorite time to run is between 7-10 PM, while the majority of weekend runners prefer to hit the streets and parks in the morning hours. Most respondents to the survey said they run to feel better and reduce stress, a sentiment echoed in the campaigns of local running magazine, Runnin’.

A bright pink banner on the Runnin’ facebook page simply reads Corré Más. Sonreí Más. Viví Mejor! (Run More. Smile More. Live Better!)  (Full Story in Spanish)

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