Tortugas Open Mall Now The Largest In Latin America

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Latin America’s largest mall opened yesterday in Pilar, just outside Buenos Aires. Tortugas Open Mall, which is described as a Lifestyle Center, is Argentina’s first mall to incorporate shopping, entertainment, and health and beauty services.

The massive 1.6 million square foot mall includes more than 160 boutiques, department stores, a food court, an eight-screen Cinemark and a fitness center.

Developed with a $120 million investment by Pegasus Capital; one of Argentina’s leading P/E firms and the driving force behind Farmacity, Freddo and Musimundo; Tortugas Open Mall is characterized by its open architectural plan, green spaces and water features.

TOM retailers include Falabella, Cinemark, Sportclub, Zara, Nike, Rapsodia, Levis, Prune, Adidas (2 locations), Ayres, Giesso, Puma, Grimoldi, Mimo & Co., Lacoste, Wanama, Kosiuko, Maria Cher, Kevingston, Audi, Winery, Morph, Loccitane, Paula Cahen D’anvers, and Samsonite. In 2012, a Swiss Medical Group clinic and a number of hotels will be added to the long list of offerings at Tortugas. (Full Story in Spanish)

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