With Wendy’s Return, Argentina’s Burger Wars Are Heating Up

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The ongoing battle for burger-lovin’ hearts and minds heats up tomorrow in Argentina with the official return of Wendy’s to Buenos Aires.

Ohio-based Wendy’s originally bought 11 Buenos Aires restaurants in the 1990’s for $13.2 million and grew the chain to 18 company-owned restaurants before pulling out of Argentina altogether in 2000. Now, twelve years later, the smiling redhead with pigtails returns to BA Thursday with plans for 5 more CapFed locations this year alone, according to Cronista’s David Cayon.

Cayon says the location of the first new Wendy’s in Buenos Aires, a Belgrano location one block from the first McDonald’s Arcos Dorados opened 25 years ago and two blocks from Burger King, is a fitting allegory for the growth of competition in Argentina’s fast food arena hamburguesa, a sector growing at a brisk 8% annually.

McDonald’s has over 200 restaurants in Argentina and annual revenue of over US$400 million. Burger King has 58 locations, and Wendy’s plans to open 50 new outlets in the coming years. (Full Story in Spanish)

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