VanityBA: What Are The Ugliest Buildings In Buenos Aires?

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As Latin American cities go, Buenos Aires has some beautiful French and Italian-inspired buildings with styles ranging from Neoclassical to Art Deco to Art Nouveau. It also has some hideous high-rises.

So when readers of Clarin’s architectural supplement, ARQ, were asked to name the ugliest buildings in Buenos Aires, it’s not surprising that three of the top four were office and residential towers built over the last thirty years.

The Chateau Libertador (2010) was named the ugliest building in Buenos Aires by almost one-third of all respondents. The 40-story residential tower in Nunez is capped with a garish Mansard roof, a questionable architectural decision which was replicated in Puerto Madero and other equally gaudy high-rises in Punta del Este.

When it opened in 2010, Clarin’s architectural editor described the Chateau as “the Ricardo Fort of Buenos Aires architecture: exaggerated, artificial and ostentatious.”

Second ugliest on the list was the National Library in Recoleta followed by the Prourban Tower (1983) downtown, know locally as El Rulero because it looks like the world’s largest hair roller, and the Le Parc Palermo (1994) residential tower in Nuevo Palermo. (Full Story in Spanish)

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