Wine Spectator Discovers The “Wonderfulness” of Buenos Aires

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American wine critic and Wine Spectator contributing editor Matt Kramer arrives in Buenos Aires for a three-month stay and wastes little time getting to know the food & wine delights of his newly adopted barrio of Palermo Soho. Kramer authored several Making Sense of Wine books and coined a term “somewhereness” in describing a wine’s character.

Prior to his departure, Kramer says none of his friends or family members ever asked him,Why Argentina? “Apparently, the word is out on the wonderfulness of Argentina as a place and the Argentines as a people,” Kramer surmises, “And, let’s be honest, the word is also out about how wonderfully inexpensive Argentina is for those of us trading woebegone American bucks for even more economically bedraggled Argentine pesos.”

In describing what makes BA unique, Kramer points to the “intactness” of the city and a true feeling of identity in the city’s many diverse neighborhoods. In his own neighborhood of Palermo Soho, Kramer praises the diversity of culinary offerings: “Around the corner from us is a Moroccan restaurant. Italian restaurants abound. And, surprisingly, there are a fair number of sushi places.”

So for at least one veteran critic in Buenos Aires, it seems “somewhereness” has truly given way to “wonderfulness.” Buen provecho! (Full Wine Spectator article)

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