Uruguay Now The Leading Game Developer In Latin America

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Montevideo-based Ironhide developed one of the App Store’s most downloaded games, Kingdom Rush.

Game and app development is now a US$600 million industry in Uruguay making it the number one country in Latin America terms of software exports per capita.

The news made headlines in neighboring Brazil as Uruguay just dethroned its northern neighbor where local software companies face greater challenges in terms of launching and growing a successful software start-up company.

According to NoticiasBR, “there are game studios in cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but developers making games in Brazil complain about the complex regime of fiscal regulations and the work restrictions which make it difficult to contract foreign employees.”

In contrast, the article points to Uruguay’s immigration laws which are giving the small country a competitive advantage over regional neighbors like Brazil and Argentina: “In Uruguay, foreign workers who are hired can live and work legally in Uruguay, even while they are waiting for their work visas to be processed.”

In highlighting the success of Uruguay game developers, NoticiasBR points to several companies like Powerful Robot and Ironhide Game Studios, the developers behind Kingdom Rush, one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store. (Full Story in Portuguese)

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