Argentina Franchises Booming Across Sectors & Borders

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Consumer demand for consistency and quality in dining, goods and services is fueling Argentina’s franchise sector with hundreds of original brands and almost 30,000 franchise locations nationwide.

Franchises Now Move The Equivalent Of 2.4% Of Argentine GDP, is the headline of today’s iProfesional article which summarizes new market data from the Argentina Association of Brands & Franchises (AAMF). According to AAMF, Argentina’s 644 original franchises now have 29,300 locations and posted revenue of $63.2 billion pesos (US$7.89 billion) last year.

Restaurants and clothing stores are still the two sectors which account for the highest percentages of Argentine franchises accounting for 35% and 25% of all franchises, respectively. 10% of Argentina franchises are service-oriented ranging from tourism, computer training, pet care, spas and supermarkets, while 4% are paint stores and 3% sell women’s fashion accessories.

Having established a foothold and following at home, Argentina is now the Latin American country which has exported the most franchises to foreign countries. 60% of those Argentine franchises surveyed by AAMF expressed a desire to expand other corners of Latin America like Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay where the franchise model is equally successful. (Full Story in Spanish)

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