Argentines Now Paying 40% More At The Grocery Store

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Argentina finds itself alone atop a new regional ranking of Latin America…unfortunately this one is not for tourism growth or FIFA standings. Argentines are paying almost 40% more at the supermarket today compared to a year ago, the highest year-over-year increase for any country in the region.

“Record Latino” is how Cronista summarizes the findings from Kantar Worldpanel’s report “Latin America Consumer Overview” which examined the average prices of food, beverages, dairy products, toiletries and cleaning supplies throughout Latin America.

The average grocery bill in Argentina rose to US$11.22 last year, a 38.9% increase followed only by Venezuela (28%) and Colombia (21%), according to the report. The average increase for Latin America was 13.9%. The only two countries with higher average grocery tickets were Chile (US$13.85) and Venezuela (US$13).

The report also takes into consideration how often consumers in different Latin countries go to the supermarket, an important variable that would obviously inflate or deflate the average ticket. On average, Argentines go to the grocery 114 times per year or once every 3.2 days, while the regional average in Latin America is 191 times or once every 1.9 days. (Full Story in Spanish)

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