Malbec Inside: A New Look and Bottle for Argentine Wines

Malbec Argentina botellas Veralia Maipo Cuyo Icono

Malbec Inside: The 3 new Malbec Argentina bottles from left to right: Icono, Cuyo and Maipo.

As the country’s signature grape, Argentine Malbecs have taken the world by storm in recent years.

From New York reviews to French wine expos to World Malbec Day, the quality of this Argentine varietal is unmistakable to novices and connoisseurs alike. Now an Argentine glass maker wants you to know your Malbec was “Hecho en Argentina” before you even pull the cork and raise a glass.

Veralia Argentina, a global glass manufacturer with offices in Mendoza, is rolling out three distinctive bottles that will carry the stamp “Malbec Argentina.” The company has been working on the initiative for three years and believes it will help Argentine Malbecs easier to identify in foreign grocery and liquor stores, according to Los Andes’ Miguel Angel Flores. This could prove especially true in the United States where most retailers tend to group Argentine wines under a catch-all category like “South American wines.”

The new bottles are part of the Ecova line which Veralia introduced in 2009 and come in three different sizes to indicate the individual wine’s quality : Maipo (premium), Cuyo (super premium) and Icono (self explanatory). Veralia’s General Manager tells VinoGallego the”Malbec Argentina” bottles will carry a price tag comparable with regular bottles. The three new designs, which all incorporate elements of sustainability, will be introduced at the Foro Internacional Vitivin√ɬ≠cola. (Full Story in Spanish)

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