Argentina Ranks Among Safest Countries in Western Hemisphere

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We already know how favorably Buenos Aires ranks collectively in the Citi and Mercer global indices, while Argentina and Uruguay are consistently #1 and #2 in International Living’s Quality of Life Rankings for Latin America. Now comes a new global ranking and fortunately Argentina and Uruguay were a complete no-show: The Most Dangerous Cities in the World.

Mexico-based Seguridad, Justicia y Paz (Security, Justice and Peace) compiled the ranking based on homicide rates per capita in global cities with populations greater than 300,000. Not a single city in Argentina or Uruguay made the list of most dangerous cities in the world. In contrast, the countries with the most cities in the Top 50 were Brazil (14), Mexico (12), Colombia (5), the United States and South Africa (4 each).

The analysis of crime rates at the country level is equally positive for both Argentina and Uruguay which rank among the countries with the lowest homicide rates per capita in the Western Hemisphere. (Click image above). Both countries ranked just below the United States (#91) in terms of homicide rates per capita: Argentina with 2,465 homicides in 2011 ranked #92, while Uruguay with 183 homicides in 2011 ranked #93.  (Full Story in Spanish)

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