BQB Airlines New Miami Flights And Airbus 319s

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Three short years after launching, BQB (Buquebus) Lineas Aereas is planning to take a giant step forward in becoming more than a short-haul regional carrier with new aircraft and round-trip service to Miami.

According to El Observador, the Punta del Este-based airline owned by Juan Carlos Lopez Mena will acquire three brand new Airbus 319’s sometime between March and May of next year.

The three aircraft all have a range of 3,700 nautical miles/6,850 kilometers which opens up the door for long-haul flights. The A319 is a shortened-fuselage version of Airbus’ A320 cornerstone single-aisle jetliner.

With the extended range and seat configurations for 144 passengers, BQB will begin international service to Miami next year with a stop for refueling in Caracas, Venezuela. The article does not specify whether BQB Airlines new Miami flights will originate in Montevideo or Buenos Aires, but it is a safe bet Montevideo considering its role as a regional hub and the fact that it’s only the best airport in the world.

The average list price of an A319 is US$86.3 million, so the value of the new aircraft should be somewhere in the range of US$250 million. Final prices depend on design weights, engines choice and each buyer’s level of selected customization. (Full Story in Spanish)

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