Flights To South America From US, Europe Increasingly Affordable

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An annual report from American Express predicts flights to South America from the US and Europe will be cheaper in the coming months. While the report focuses primarily on business travel, international flights to cities like Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Montevideo are forecast to be more affordable in both business and economy class. At the same time, flights within Latin America will probably be more expensive given the region’s economic strength.

“In the case of flights within the region, the study predicts economy class tickets will rise up to 6% and business class tickets will increase up to 5%. However, prices will come down for flights to the United States and Europe which will come down between 0.5% to 4% in both classes,” writes Nuria Rebon in today’s Cronista.

“Europe is still in crisis mode and the US is recovering albeit very slowly, so flights to these destinations from Argentina and South America have lower occupancy which means fares will be lower outside of high season and during the months of July and August when the Summer Olympics are taking place in London,” says Noberto Gunsberg of American Express Global Business Travel.

When it comes to lodging, American Express is forecasting an increase of 1% to 5% for hotel rates in Latin America, but a higher 3% to 7% increase in countries like Argentina and Brazil where tourism is booming. (Full Story in Spanish)

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