Cordoba Real Estate Developer Unveils 5 Tower Love Project

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Love Cordoba ArgentinaCordoba has been one of the more resilient real estate markets in Argentina’s interior during the past two years of currency controls. In fact, over 3,700 new real estate deals closed in Cordoba in August alone.

Now a local developer is betting on a continuation of Cordoba’s never-ending love for ladrillos with an aptly named megaproject called LOVE. The centerpiece of the project will be five high-rise towers with a total of 1,000 units and over 131,000 square meters (1.4 million square feet) of construction.

In addition to the residential component, LOVE will have 37,700 square meters (400,000 square feet) of office space, 850 underground parking spaces, a shopping center, a hotel and entertainment complex. Construction is scheduled to begin in November with the first units being delivered in 2017.

Impulso Negocios says LOVE is an acronym for the project’s four components: Locales, Oficinas, Vivienda, Entretenimiento. Fortunately it’s being marketed in Spanish, because the combination of Shops, Housing, Offices and Entertainment would a somewhat less sexy SHOE. (Full Story in Spanish)

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