Open Your Own Subway Franchise In Argentina Or Uruguay

Franquicias Subway Argentina y Uruguay

Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca orders lunch at the Montevideo Shopping Center. (Photo: El Pais)

Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca was in Montevideo this week visiting some of the company’s Uruguay locations and sat down for an interview with El Pais reporter Gabriela Rocha.

Over a lunch of six-inch subs at the Montevideo Shopping, DeLuca shared the secrets of success for the Subway franchise model and potential franchisees looking to open their own Subway often with an initial investment as low as US$125,000.

“First, you have to know how to run a small business and take care of all of the details. You have to have a system and a method. You also need a team of effective people with very well-defined roles and responsibilities. Our model allowed us to open 2,600 new locations last year alone,” says DeLuca.

The world’s largest restaurant chain now has 38,967 locations worldwide, and two-thirds of those are in the United States. Consumers in Argentina and Uruguay have embraced Subway in recent years, and both countries have tremendous untapped potential beyond Buenos Aires and Montevideo which account for the majority of Subway locations in both countries.

Slicing the growth sub a different way, there is now a ratio of one Subway location for 12,000 residents in the US compared to one location for 468,000 residents in Argentina and 481,000 residents in Uruguay. According to Gastronomiconet, successful Subway franchisees in Argentina are already opening their second, third and fourth locations, while DeLuca tells Rocha the company expects to quadruple the number of Uruguay locations over the next five years. (Full Story in Spanish)

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