Punta del Este Convention Center Bid Process Opens…Again

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Punta del Este Convention Center Bid Process

The Center is viewed as a key for attracting year-round visitors and expo tourism to Punta del Este.

Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Punta del Este. Eighteen months after the first of two failed bid processes commenced seeking construction and management teams for a new Convention Center, a third bid process is underway.

“Until the bid is awarded, until it begins and finishes and we hand the key to the management company and we host the first expo, I am not going to relax, because this is a huge challenge for Maldonado and for the whole country. This is a very important step, but we still do not have a convention center,” Maldonado mayor Oscar de los Santos tells El Pais.

What Punta del Este does have now are 9 proposals from 7 construction and 2 management companies that will be reviewed over the next 30 days. The construction companies were only asked to present their detailed cost estimates for building the 193,000 square foot, six building facility.

The participating construction firms are Berkes Sociedad Anonima, Conami Limitada, Caputo, OHL, Saceem, Sacyr Consturcciones and Teyma. The two interested management companies are Cirecar SA and Ciepe SA.

El Pais says Maldonado and the Ministry of Economics have budgeted US$27.5 million for the construction of the new convention center which could begin as early as December if a winning bidder is selected. (Full Story in Spanish)

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