Montevideo Named Best City For Retirement In Latin America

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Montevideo es la ciudad mas amigable con la tercera edad

Tercera Edad: Seniors stroll through the parks of Montevideo’s Carrasco neighborhood.

Montevideo is the most friendly city in Latin America for retirees and soon-to-be-retirees, according to a new report from America Economia. The annual ranking of the region’s most senior-friendly metros also includes Miami, considering South Florida is a popular retirement destination for many upper and upper middle class Latin Americans.

Montevideo tied Miami for first place as the most friendly destination for seniors aged 66 and up. Montevideo also ranked number one in the category of best city for adults between the ages of 56 and 66. The Uruguay capital took second place in the ranking of the best cities for those aged 46 to 55.

Montevideo’s appeal for retirees based on safety, cultural offerings and overall living standards jibes with other recent quality of life reports including Mercer’s #1 ranking and The Economist Intelligence Unit’s # 3 ranking. Unlike the Mercer and EIU reports, the America Economia ranking is age specific focusing on adults 46 and up.

The low cost and high quality of health care in Montevideo is another factor that makes Uruguay an attractive option for retirees. Some private health insurance companies in Uruguay offer comprehensive medical coverage for around $300 per month. Such plans include features like open choice of physicians, modern clinics, house calls, affordable prescription drugs, travel insurance and the option of surgery in the U.S.

In addition to seniors, Montevideo ranked behind Miami and Santiago as the number three best destination for families with two or three children. (Full Story in Spanish)

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