Staples Argentina Launches QR App for Subte, City Shopping

QR Code Staples Argentina

Just Press the Easy Boton: Staples takes office supplies to the streets of Buenos Aires.

If people can’t get to the store, let the store go to the people! That was the brilliant idea behind Tesco’s launch of virtual convenience stores in Seoul subway stations, which quickly became a viral sensation in June with over a million views on YouTube.

Now the world’s largest office products company is taking that same convenience concept to the streets, subways and bus stops of Buenos Aires with a free smartphone application for iPhone, Blackberry and eventually Android. Staples operates two stores in Buenos Aires (Santa Fe 2496 and Lavalle 565), but the Boston-based company has business customers spread all throughout Capital Federal.

With the new smartphone app, Staples promises Buenos Aires customers can “Save Time. Find a Staples where you are.” Customers will now be able to scan QR codes of popular office products like paper, binders and highlighters from virtual stores located in Subte stations, Puerto Madero bus stops, Buenos Aires universities and movie theaters. According to Claudio DeStefano in today’s d:biz, the Staples mobile app was developed by Quadion Technologies.

Fittingly, DeStefano is the brains behind the sports marketing segments the City of Buenos Aires broadcasts on SUBTV for those waiting to board the subway. So between Staples and DeStefano, the competition for eyeballs and attention spans gets even more heated on the Subte platform, but what a great way to maximize formerly wasted time. Not only are the Subte stations adding value to barrios and real estate in Buenos Aires, between education and e-commerce, they are beginning to enrich people’s lives.

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