FranchiseBA: What Are The Most Popular Franchises in Argentina?

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With consumer demand for quality and consistency rising in Argentina, the prospects are good for new and established franchises in a variety of sectors.

And when you consider that 67% of all Argentine franchises are concentrated in BA, you can understand why the smart money is moving to the interior. Cordoba is home to only 14% of the country’s franchises, and the third-largest city in the country, Rosario, doesn’t even have 5%.

FortunaWeb says the most sought-after franchises in Argentina by sector are fast food/casual dining (39%), clothing and accessories (24%), services (12%), specialized business like paint stores (11%) and health and beauty (6%). Restaurants account for eleven of the country’s Top 25 franchises, and chains like Starbucks, Wendy’s, Subway and Hollywood Burger are all opening new outlets in Argentina.

The Argentina Association of Brands & Franchises says six out of every ten franchises in Argentina require an initial level of investment greater than US$50,000; however, there are more affordable options like Frahel or Grido heladerias (ice cream shops) for small investors with less start-up capital. 100 new franchises will join the Association this year adding to a national network that already employs over 200,000.

FortunaWeb says the Top 5 franchises in Argentina are: 5. 5aSec Dry Cleaners (132 locations, US$75,000 investment, 36-month ROI); 4. Colorshop Paint Stores (147 locations, US$57,000 investment, 18-month ROI); 3. Dia Supermercados (150 locations, US$50,000 investment, 21-month ROI); 2. Bonafide Cafes (167 locations, US$25,000 investment, 24-month ROI); and 1. Laverap Laundromats (1,300 locations, US$3,000 investment, 18-month ROI). (Full Story in Spanish)

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