Argentine Malbec Rising: Catena’s Journey & An Industry Transformed

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The Washington Post traces the rapid rise of Argentina’s wine industry from the 1980’s (pretty dormant, low-end and geared toward domestic consumption) to today’s vibrant export model with award-winning Malbecs and other local varietals increasingly gaining market share abroad.

Argentine vintner Nicolas Catena is described as “the founding father of modern Argentine wine,” and he drew inspiration for his home country from the United States and Napa Valley’s competitive transformation during the 1980’s.

Catena returned to Argentina and challenged the industry status quo by experimenting with new planting techniques, vineyard management and a relentless pursuit of perfection. It paid off.

From a single vintage in 1990, the Post says the rest is wine history, “Catena’s discovery launched Argentina’s wine boom and lured a horde of French and American winemakers to Mendoza to plant and make Malbec.” (Full Story)

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