VanityBA: The 10 Best Wines From Argentina

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The Vinos & Bodegas section of iProfesional features a rundown of the Top 10 Wines in Argentina according to Stephen Tanzer and his bimonthly publication for wine enthusiasts, International Wine Cellar.

The Top 10 Argentine Wines on Tanzer’s list have scores ranging from 93+ to 95+ and prices ranging from $59 to $230. Both Malbecs and the Catena Zapata Bodega dominate the list accounting for four and five of the top ten spots respectively, while the selections by year include 2009 (7), 2010 (1) and 2011 (2).

For those looking for more affordable Argentine wines, International Wine Cellar says Argentine reds have an excellent price/quality ratio: “In the US$15-20 per bottle range, (Argentina) offers a lot of pleasant and intense wines that compete with the top Cabernets from California for one-half or one-third of the price. With 88 point wines for US$12, 89’s for $15 and 90’s for $20, the Argentine wines are hard to beat.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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