Uruguay Has The Fastest & Cheapest Internet In Latin America

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Uruguay: conexión Intenet más barata y veloz en Latinoamérica

Uruguay’s new nationwide fiber optic network helped lower Internet prices 55% in 3 years.

Uruguay is the Latin American country where residents have access to the fastest and cheapest Internet service in Latin America, according to a new global study on Internet connection speeds, rates and recent price reductions.

The Google-funded Price of Connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean” from the University of San Andres reveals several aspects of Uruguay’s fiber optic service which places it in a privileged position in both Latin America and the world. Uruguay offers the most affordable 2.5Mbps broadband service in Latin America and the fifth most affordable in the world .

Another metric which looks at the reduction in Internet service price per Mbps since 2010 ranks Uruguay number one with at 55% reduction in price over the past three years. The regional average reduction in Latin America was 25% over the same period with Brazil and Ecuador ranking second and third-best behind Uruguay.

And in the overall ranking of cost per Mbps, Uruguay again ranked the most affordable in Latin America at $0.75 per Mbps which puts the country on par with Israel ($0.77) and Spain ($0.74). Other Latin leaders were Brazil ($0.79) and Chile ($1.01) while laggards include neighboring Argentina ($4.20) and Paraguay ($16.17). (Full Story in Spanish)

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