Uruguay Infrastructure Projects Among Latin America’s Top 100

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A 2014 survey of Latin America’s most significant new infrastructure projects includes five Uruguay projects ranging from deep water ports to renewable energy to new rail corridors.

The Strategic Latin American Infrastructure 2014 Report from CG/LA is a ranking of 100 projects planned over the next three years across 10 sectors in 20 countries with a total combined project value of US$139 billion.

Uruguay’s five projects in terms of overall rank and USD project value are: the 50 MW Molino de Rosas Wind Project (#11, $250 million), the 100 MW Santa Catalina Wind Project (#18, $165 million), the Deep Water Port in Rocha (#21, $500 million), the Chamberlain-Algorta-Fray Bentos Rail Project (#56, $100 million) and the Brazil-Uruguay Electric Interconnection Project (#77, $150 million).

The Top 4 Latin American countries in terms of total planned infrastructure expenditures are Brazil ($48 billion), Chile ($20 billion), Colombia ($17 billion) and Mexico ($12 billion). As a percentage of GDP, Uruguay’s planned infrastructure outlay (2.35%) is higher than the Latin American average of 1.7%.

According to CG/LA’s 2018 data model, most Latin American countries need to increase their infrastructure investment by 250%, while a country like Argentina needs to increase infrastructure spending by 350%. The project’s listed in the Top 100 ranking are expected to created over 2 million new jobs. (Full Story in Spanish)

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