Uruguay Has Fastest, Cheapest Internet Access In Latin America

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Uruguay’s fiber optic network rollout has boosted speeds and slashed costs over the past 3 years.

Uruguay is the Latin American country where residents have access to the fastest and cheapest Internet service, according to a new Google-funded study on Internet connection speeds, rates and recent price reductions.

The Price of Connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean” from the University of San Andres reveals several aspects of Uruguay’s fiber optic service which places it in a privileged position in both Latin America and the world. Uruguay offers the most affordable 2.5Mbps broadband service in Latin America and the fifth most affordable in the world.

Another metric which looks at the reduction in Internet service price per Mbps since 2010 ranks Uruguay number one with at 55% reduction in price over the past three years. The regional average reduction in Latin America was 25% over the same period with Brazil and Ecuador ranking second and third-best behind Uruguay.

And in the overall ranking of cost per Mbps, Uruguay again ranks as the most affordable in Latin America at $0.75 per Mbps which puts the country on par with Israel ($0.77) and Spain ($0.74). Other Latin leaders were Brazil ($0.79) and Chile ($1.01) while laggards include neighboring Argentina ($4.20) and Paraguay ($16.17). (Full Story in Spanish)

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