Uruguay Internet Connection Speeds Surge As Fiber Optic Spreads

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Uruguay Internet connection speeds are surging thanks to the spread of a national fiber optic network combined with affordable monthly plans for residential and business customers.

Uruguay already has the fastest and cheapest Internet access in Latin America, and now the speed gap between Uruguay and other countries in the region is widening, according to Akamai’s 2014 State of the Internet report.

The report says average Internet connection speeds in Uruguay rose 37% in the first quarter of this year and a whopping 151% over the past twelve months reflecting the fiber optic rollout to over 300,000 homes and businesses.  Uruguay’s average connection speed of 4.3 Mbps is the region’s best followed by Mexico (4.0), Ecuador (3.3), Chile (3.3) and Argentina (3.2).

The average peak connection speed in Uruguay rose 206% over the past year to 45.4 Mbps placing the country in the Global Top 10 ahead of the Netherlands (45.2), the US (40.6) and Canada (39.7).

Uruguay’s Internet service provider, Antel, offers residential fiber optic plans ranging from US$30 for 20Mbps download speed to US$43 for 50 Mbps downloads and US$69 for 120 Mbps downloads and 12 Mbps uploads.

Antel plans to have fiber optic service available in every Uruguay town with a population of at least 3,500 by 2015. (Full Story in Spanish)

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