Uruguay Named Among World’s Best Retirement Destinations

Uruguay es el sexto mejor país del mundo para retirarse según ranking especializado

International Living ranks Uruguay among the World’s Top 10 Retirement Destinations for Americans & Canadians

International Living is out with the 2013 edition of the World’s Best Places to Retire for North Americans, and Uruguay finds itself in a familiar spot among the Top 10.

According to El Observador, “Uruguay achieved the sixth best position in the annual ranking from International Living, the magazine that specializes in the best places in the world for Americans and Canadians to retire.

“The ranking is based on the cost of living, climate, real estate prices, health care facilities, ease of integration, infrastructure for retirees, entertainment and services, and special benefits for retirees. Out of 100 possible points, Uruguay scored 83.7.” Uruguay also earns high marks for safety.”

Latin American countries continued to dominate the ranking in 2013 with Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama all joining Uruguay in the Top 6. International Living Editor Dan Prescher says, “the places that have been popular with expats over the last five to ten years tend to stay in the ranking unless something drastic happens like a big political or economic change.”

Not surprisingly, European countries ranked among the worst places for North American retirees based on cost of living. Ireland, France, Portugal and Italy together with the Philippines and New Zealand were listed among the worst destinations. (Full Story in Spanish)

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