Where Is The Most Affordable Real Estate In Argentina?

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New data out this week shed light on what are the most affordable real estate markets in Argentina beyond Buenos Aires (BBA).

The nationwide survey from Reporte Inmobiliario focuses on the average price per square foot for an existing 2 or 3 room apartment in a dozen cities in the Argentine interior.

The three most expensive Argentine real estate markets BBA are Bariloche (US$185), Mar del Plata (US$150) and Comodoro Rivadavia ($138), while the three most affordable metros are San Miguel de Tucuman (US$110), Rio Gallegos (US$107) and Catamarca (US$104).

Three of the largest Argentine cities most popular with foreign investors rank in the middle tier of real estate market affordability: Cordoba (US$124), Mendoza (US$122) and Salta (US$113).

According to the survey, average prices per square foot in these markets rose anywhere from 7 to 19% last year with Posadas and Rio Gallegos posting the biggest jump in average prices (19%) and Corrientes and Mendoza posting the smallest increase (7%).

For the sake of comparison, we paired the new data with the average price of similar sized existing properties in three of Buenos Aires’ most popular neighborhoods. Click the image above to see the complete bar chart. (Full Story in Spanish)

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