VanityBA: Touch & Go In Argentina’s Infidelity Fast Lane

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It’s been a little over a year since Ashley Madison first arrived on the Argentine dating scene, and apparently business is good in el mundo de los infieles.

Clarin was granted exclusive access to a survey of 7,000 of Ashley Madison’s Argentine clients who today number over 200,000. Mariana Israel summarizes the results, but not before creating her own profile and receiving 35 e-mail solicitations from online suitors in 24 hours.

According to the report, the male/female breakdown of Ashley Madison members in Argentina is 60/40 with an average age for mujeres of 33 and 39 for hombres

More than half of the men surveyed said they are looking for a “touch and go” relationship, while 81% said they are looking for “a young and beautiful lover under 40 years of age.” 82% of men said they buy gifts for their dates with 47% saying they spend between US$100 and $300 per date.

39% of the Argentine female members surveyed said they were looking for a sugar daddy, while 43% said their spouses were already providing them with everything they need…except in the bedroom. The majority of the females said they wanted to conquer the classic Argentine womanizer or mujeriego, while 35% are looking for a “protective Superman” who values them more than their spouse.

Mornings and afternoons during the work week ranked as the most popular times of the week for horizontal hook-ups, 45% correspond with their lovers via text messages, and 7 out of 10 said their primary motivator was the lack of sexual activity with their legal partner. And when it comes to guilt, neither sex is losing much sleep over their infidelity. 88% of the female members and 92% of the males said they sleep guilt-free. (Full Story in Spanish)

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