“Honey, I Bought A Vineyard in Argentina!”

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Politicians are a bit like chess players in the way they are constantly plotting their next moves: pushing new agendas, pursuing re-election or seeking higher office. But for one Alaska politician, the next move was as original as it was unexpected.

Wasilla City Council member Nancy Hall announced she will step down from her post and move with her husband to run a vineyard in San Rafael, Argentina. Hall and her husband, Gary, traveled to Chile looking for vineyard opportunities in 2009.

She returned to work in Alaska but Gary began to focus on Argentina vineyards after visiting their son in Buenos Aires. A few days later Nancy says, “I got this phone call that said, ‘Honey, I bought a vineyard.’

The couple told the Anchorage Daily News that San Rafael reminds them of California’s Sonoma County in the 1970s before it exploded. Their newly-acquired vineyard, Shadow of the Andes, grows the increasingly-popular Bonarda grapes, but Hall is quick to clarify their role in the overall Argentine wine supply chain: “We grow the grapes, we don’t make the wine.”

The couple plans to keep their Wasilla home and divide time between Alaska and Argentina enjoying what the ADN calls “a life of perpetual summer spanning the two hemispheres.”

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