WSJ: More Americans Discover New Life in Argentina

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The Wall Street Journal’s ongoing series of travel stories from Americans living abroad touches down today in Argentina.

Having lived and worked in Arizona, California, Colorado and New York, Yvonne and Tom Phelan were finally ready to settle down in 2007. Unfortunately, their lifelong dream of owning a vineyard in Napa Valley was priced out of reach, so they headed south to Argentina to explore alternatives.

Although the Phelans assumed their inaugural trip to Buenos Aires “would be a brief visit,” it turned out to be an important first step in the next chapter of their lives: living in the heart of Argentina wine country and running a 108-acre vineyard planted with Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay grapes.

Back in March, InvestBA compared the Napa:Mendoza cost disparity which takes many first-time investors and wine enthusiasts by surprise. And the Phelans say the cheap land is just the beginning.

While they plan on building a large estancia at their vineyard, they are currently living on the 10th floor of a luxury high-rise in downtown Mendoza with sweeping views of the Andes for US$1,000/month, all utilities included. In terms of health care, doctor and dentist visits cost about 20% what they would in the States, while getting around is easy with most destinations a $5 cab ride away.

The Phelans also offer a short list of things some Americans might miss in Argentina, but if “Mexican food” and “cheap appliances” are your priorities in life, Argentina is probably not for you. (Full Story at

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