Women Launch One-Third of Small Businesses in Argentina

The AAMEP is the Argentina Association of Business Women & Professionals

The AAMEP is the Argentina Association of Business Women & Professionals

The Economist just released their annual Women’s Economic Opportunity Index, and the good news regionally is Uruguay’s third-place ranking in the Americas right behind the United States and Canada.

Argentina, however, ranked #9 out of 19 countries in the Americas which raises the question: Why? The Economist draws heavily on data from an alphabet soup of organizations with members who don’t know much about starting or running a successful business. (Think the UN, the OECD and the WHO.)

So where do we turn for a reliable source of information regarding women and business in Argentina? The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) just released an analysis of the role of women in the workplace with an impressive headline, “One-Third of Argentina Small Businesses are Started by Women.”

Typically in middle-income countries like Argentina, male entrepreneurs dominate the start-up scene, but that is no longer the case in Argentina where women also hold management positions in 50% of all small and medium-sized businesses.

GEM interviews several emprendedoras argentinas who say they started their own business because of a perceived lack of other job opportunities, a need to supplement their income or a desire to take greater control of their schedules for a better work/life balance. Most of the Argentine women interviewed launched their companies with an initial investment under US$5,000 and grew their ventures through small business loans, online sales and aggressive networking. (Full Story in Spanish)

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