Buenos Aires Prime for More Docks, Public Storage & Private Marina Projects

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With over 3,000 miles of coastline, an avid boating population and very few large-scale marinas, Argentina is fertile ground for foreign investor groups interested in developing private and public marina projects. Cronista’s Jorge Ferre says the main barrier to marine industry growth in Argentina has been the lack of marinas and boat storage facilities, but that could begin to change this year.

The marine industry in Argentina is comprised of 120 national manufacturers of sailboats, motorboats, yachts and other watercraft. Many of those boats are docked in the major port areas around Buenos Aires and the northern neighborhoods extending from the northern boundary of Capital Federal to Vicente Lopez, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre. (Map)

Considering that those northern suburbs account for the highest concentration of active boaters and wealth in Argentina, that coastline is prime to explode in the coming decade, especially considering the number of new marina projects planned just across the river in Uruguay from Carmelo south to Colonia del Sacramento.

A good indication of international interest in local marina development opportunities is the fact that Argentina will play host to the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) 2012 Annual Meeting in October. Industry officials in Argentina are planning to leverage the event in an effort to attract more foreign investors and marine developers to the Argentine coast.

Compared to the government regulations, public opposition and environmental obstacles they face in places like California and South Florida, Argentina will be smooth sailing. (Full Story in Spanish)

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