Cordoba: Argentina’s Second City Often First in Affordability

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We already know that Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most affordable major metros, but what if you’re looking for an even greater bang for your greenback? Well, look no further than Argentina’s second city, Cordoba, where some neighborhoods are among the most affordable in Argentina.

In an article titled “Who has the cheapest square meter?”, PuntoBiz shares a sweeping summary of real estate prices from Puerto Madero to Rosario and Cordoba to Punta del Este. Looking for overpriced and vacant, look no further than Puerto Madero at an average of US$430/SF. Looking for affordability, set your sights on the second city.

Three Cordoba neighborhoods, Alberdi, General Paz and Nueva Cordoba, are listed as three of the best values for property seekers in Argentina with median price per square foot in the $1,250-$1,500/m2 range ($116-$144/SF).

With a population over 1.2 million, Cordoba offers the sophistication, dining and cultural offerings of a big city with the added advantage of affordable neighborhoods with unique characteristics. Young families are moving to General Paz drawn to the recent wave of new construction and renovations, while Nueva Cordoba is one of the youngest, hippest and most diverse barrios in the country thanks to the influx of thousands of students studying at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.

In addition to a cosmopolitan metro with affordability, real estate investors in Cordoba neighborhoods can also anticipate healthy appreciation going forward. As we reported in July, the average price per square meter in Cordoba has risen 212% since 2003. (Full Story in Spanish)

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