VanityBA: Behold The “De-Argentinazation” Of Punta del Este

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It’s the most colorful and accurate term to describe a major shift in local real estate markets since pesoficación, and this eight-syllable beauty is the hottest summer trend since political correctness rocked Mar del Plata’s backside.

Desargentinización is how La Nacion’s Javier Navia describes the dwindling presence of Argentines on the Uruguay coast this summer, a trend first set in motion two years ago when Argentina’s currency controls were implemented.

“Less Argentine, and more international” is how Navia describes the Uruguay coast in his article titled 10 Trends For This Season In Punta del Este. He describes Jose Ignacio as a Babel of languages, primarily English and Portuguese, given the number of North American, European and Brazilian tourists who outnumber the once omnipresent Argentines.

He also describes an upbeat atmosphere where real estate developers are “looking to seduce these tourists in hopes they will come back next year as investors, a task that has been made easier now that The Economist has named Uruguay the Country of the Year.” (Full Story in Spanish)

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