Garzon Lake Bridge Construction Will Begin In March

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Construccion Puente Laguna Garzon

The bridge over Laguna Garzon will transform the flow of tourists and dollars up Uruguay’s east coast.

It’s not the biggest infrastructure project in Uruguay, but it has tremendous potential to transform the flow of travelers and tourism dollars up and down the country’s beautiful eastern seaboard. The impact on Rocha real estate values will be equally important.

Announced and postponed more times than we care to remember, it appears the bridge spanning the Garzon Lake will finally commence construction in March 2014. Uruguay’s Transportation Minister tells El Pais the bridge will be completed by March 2015.

Designed by Uruguay architect Rafael Viñoly, the circular bridge will cost between US$8 and US$10 million. Government estimates peg the number of autos crossing the bridge on an average day at 1,000, but that number will rise significantly during the high season summer months of January and February.

The bridge received environmental approval from Uruguay’s Ministry of Housing, Land Planning & Environment on January 8; however, an Environmental Impact Study must still be completed and submitted prior to construction. (Full Story in Spanish)

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