HoJo con PoLo: Howard Johnson Goes Upscale in Argentina

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As the wave of new developments and gated communities grows in Buenos Aires, Clarin reports on the simultaneous growth in the number of local projects featuring luxury hotels and resort-style amenities.

“The goal is to offer a value-added service to the property owner,” says Clarin, “giving them benefits within the development (assorted discounts) and enhancing the overall comfort level of the project. Several of these mega-hotels are located in the interior of the country (the majority in the Patagonia), taking advantage of the benefits and natural beauty in this part of Argentina.”

But BA residents don’t have to travel all the way to Bariloche or San Martin de los Andes to find these types of luxury developments. In fact, several hotels are being built in the surrounding Province of Buenos Aires, and U.S. investors will recognize one of the names behind some of the most high-profile projects.

Located in Brandsen, roughly 60 miles from downtown BA, the Howard Johnson Finca Maria Cristina features a 40-room hotel, Spa, Convention Center and Polo Fields. A HoJo with PoLo? That’s the level of style and sophistication the chain has achieved in Argentina where the Master Franchisee, H.J. Argentina S.A., has become the largest hotel chain in the country with 23 completed hotels and 18 under construction.

In addition to professional polo instruction and a helicopter transportation option, the Finca Maria Cristina project features a variety of accommodation styles including large, six-person Boutique Villas. The developer currently plans to build 15 of these upscale villas and make them available to the public.

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