Working in BA and Living in Colonia: The NYC + Hamptons of South America

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Colonia Uruguay street

Imagine the morning commute down this Colonia street instead of the chaos of General Paz.

An interesting factoid today buried in the final paragraph of an El Pai­s article regarding the strength of the Uruguay real estate market: an average of 10 Argentines per week are moving to Montevideo.

Maybe a trickle more than a tidal wave, but a positive trend nonetheless that could reach a tipping point if more Argentines begin to say Basta! to the commuting chaos associated of living outside of Capital Federal. Take this morning as a fine example.

Downtown workers living in the northern suburbs typically endure a 2 hour commute round-trip. An already tense Wednesday-before-the-four-day-weekend was compounded by a steady rain. And just to complete the trifecta, striking bus drivers from the 60 Line decided to take their wage grievances out on innocent commuters by blocking the City’s busiest highway from 6:00-10:00am. And if the courts don’t rule in their favor today, they’ll block the same highway for the afternoon commute home. Even a stopped chofer keeps the streets closed twice a day.

Now imagine your morning commute from the other side of the Ri­o de la Plata. You wake up on your estancia outside Colonia, drive to the Buquebus terminal, spend the US$20, 1-hour journey working or sleeping, arrive in your Downtown BA office at 7:30am, have a productive 10-hour workday, board another Buquebus at 6:30pm and arrive back home in Uruguay at 7:45pm in time for dinner. Maybe it’s a dream scenario for a select few but, just like those 10 Argentines moving to Montevideo every week, it starts somewhere. (Full Story in Spanish)

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