InvestBA Featured in Luxury Latin America Article on Buenos Aires

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Argentina polo, wine and luxury travel writer Cathy Brown has penned a wonderful Buenos Aires real estate article in the new issue of Luxury Latin America, the leading source of information for the best hotels and luxury tours in Mexico, Central America, and South America.

With “At Home in a Vibrant City: Buying Real Estate in Buenos Aires,” Brown offers a sweeping analysis of the good (relative prices, the cost of living and the quality of life in Buenos Aires), the bad (inflation and rising construction costs) and the ugly (the tendency of some local brokers to “chamuyar” or “to speak more than what is true, to boast or embellish to create benefit.”) of investing in Buenos Aires real estate.

Due diligence is more important than ever, because unfortunately you cannot always take what you hear at face value,” writes Brown, sounding like a seasoned pro. “If you are serious about investing in Buenos Aires,” she adds, “it is suggested that you work with someone who knows the ins and outs and that has local contacts that can make any issue that comes up (and issues WILL come up) go much more smoothly.”

In terms of neighborhoods, Brown focuses on both the emerging and the established with profiles of Palermo, Recoleta, Barrio Norte, Colegiales, Villa Crespo and Barracas among others. Featured properties range from income-producing condo-hotel units priced below US$150,000 to multi-million dollar boutique hotels for sale in Palermo Soho and Recoleta. (Full Story)

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