Uruguay Invetigating Aerial Tramways For Montevideo

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Plan de Teleferico Montevideo

An aerial tramway could alleviate traffic in Montevideo or draw more tourists to a coastal town like Colonia.

A half century after Uruguay tore down its first attempt at an aerial tramway, a German company is hoping to revive interest in the concept as a tourist attraction or transportation solution.

In 1963, Uruguay initiated construction on an aerial chairlift to transport tourists from the beach of Malvin to the Isla de las Gaviotas. The project was doomed from the start due to a variety of engineering miscalculations which, according to El Observador, would have left passengers damp or, even worse, in the water. The military tore down the remnants of that failed project in 1973.

Now representatives of Doppelmayr, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of funiculars, gondolas and chairlifts, are meeting with Uruguay transportation and public works officials hoping to launch one or more aerial tramway projects in Montevideo, Punta del Este or Colonia.

While a Punta or Colonia project would be more of a tourist attraction, the Montevideo proposals are both transportation and tourism-oriented. One option for Montevideo would connect the Centro and Ciudad Vieja with commuter parking lots two kilometers away from downtown. Another option be a more tourism-oriented tram connecting a shopping center like Tres Cruces or Montevideo Shopping with the Rambla. (Full Story in Spanish)

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