Porsche Argentina Will Trade Carreras for Cabernet Franc

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As we’ve seen in recent spats with Brazil and China, Argentina’s trade balance can be a sensitive issue for the Casa Rosada.

But the backlash moved beyond BRIC-landia when the Ministry of Interior Trade decided to go after luxury automakers who ship high-end cars to Argentina without buying anything in return.

And while several U.S., European and Asian countries export autos to Argentina, Germany ranks nummer eins in terms of price and prestige with Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW leading the way. So when the Ministry told German automakers they had to choose an Argentine product and export an equal value of said product to compensate for their imports, the decision was rather easy for Porsche Argentina.

Not only does the Pulenta family own Porsche Argentina, they also operate the prestigious Pulenta Estate winery in the Lujan de Cuyo region of Mendoza. The plan: Import: Carreras and Cayennes. Export: Premium wines and olive oil. Problem solved. In fact, the Porsche proposal was approved by the Ministry and will be finalized next week, according to La Nacion.

Among the other German manufacturers, Volkswagen, maker of the 2011 Truck of the Year, promised to reduce its trade imbalance by 70%, while Mercedes-Benz is just beginning negotiations with the federal government. Chinese automaker Chery presented their own plan, but considering their spokesperson is Messi, it seems Argentina’s most valuable export is being consumed everywhere in China. (Full Story in Spanish)

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