La Nación: Several Reasons Why Argentina Is Attractive to Foreign Buyers

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La Nacion sat down with Richard Moeser, head of Latin America and the Caribbean for Christie’s Great Estates, on his recent trip to Buenos Aires.

While the Christie’s VP was focused on the progress of the Al Ri­o project in Vicente Lopez, he shared his thoughts regarding the fascination that U.S. and other international buyers hold for Argentine food, wine, culture and unique destinations.

“Argentina is an attractive country, it is more than reasonable in terms of real estate prices and the cost of living is lower than in the United States or Europe. The perception of Argentina abroad centers on the country’s many positive attributes which makes it very interesting and tempting for investors,” Moeser said.

While few clients were focused on the Southern Cone a decade ago, Moeser says Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro quickly became the top two most requested markets beginning around 2006. “The market here is healthy, just like Brazil, unique in the Southern hemisphere, and there are strong selling points in both countries.”

While New Mexico-based Christie’s handles approximately 300 real estate transactions a year in Argentina, Moeser believes that number will rise in the coming years, as the market of premium properties continues to grow with forecast 2011 price appreciations in the neighborhood of 10%. (Full Story in Spanish)

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