Argentina Franchises Finding Success In Foreign Markets

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Leather goods, premium coffee, rugby clothes, gourmet ice cream, kids clothing, portable car wash equipment and polo boots. If Argentina made a list of items to pack for a franchise road show on foreign soil, these are some of the de rigueur selections for the carry-on.

In a country where consumption is moderating, Argentina’s leading franchises are seizing the moment to export their models of consistency and quality throughout Latin America and beyond. According to a recent survey, Argentina leads the regional pack in terms of home-based franchises opening outlets abroad (119) followed by Brazil (91) and Mexico (83).

iProfesional says Peru is one of the markets where Argentina franchises are posting 20% annual growth, especially the clothing retailers like Las Pepas and Rapsodia who have found the ideal country with excellent cotton, a strong economy and a highly skilled textile labor force.

Neighboring Brazil, Chile and Uruguay are the markets where Argentine coffee and ice cream franchises have opened the most outlets in recent months. Havanna has over 50 outlets in Latin America, Freddo just inked a deal to open 7 stores in Chile, Chungo just landed in Porto Alegre and Persico plans to open franchises in Brazil and Uruguay. Some franchises like La Martina and Hollywood Burger have spread their wings as far as the Middle East.

Of the 119 Argentina-based franchises with operations abroad, iProfesional says 5 companies account for 50% of the international stores: ProntoWash, Havanna, Mimo & Co., Kevingston and La Martina.

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