More Buyers Choosing Argentina Real Estate Projects With Polo Amenities

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Los lotes al polo en la Argentina, los mas cotizados

Polo is so affordable in Argentina, many kids begin playing at a young age. (Photo: La Nacion)

“There are lots of buyers who still dream of changing their lifestyle and leaving the city to settle down in communities far away,” begins La Nacion’s Jennifer Flores in a well-researched article titled “Polo Lots, The Most Sought After.”

Flores explains how The Sport of Kings synonymous with Argentina and the world’s greatest polo players, is fast becoming The Sport of Kids, The Sport of Golfers and The Sport of Homebuyers Who Just Want To Sit On Their Terrace With A Glass of Malbec and Watch A Polo Match.

Polo fields are one of “the lifestyle options developers are including in their projects where sports become the focus of the development,” writes Flores adding “many buyers want to build their homes close to the polo fields, so they are choosing lots with prime views for watching polo matches from their homes. In general, lots with views of the polo fields are the most sought after.”

The author cites several examples of Argentina real estate developments both on the outskirts of Buenos Aires like Tortugas and as far south as Bariloche where the cancha de polo is almost as important as the cancha de golf, both in terms of the attraction for potential homebuyers seeking luxury lifestyle amenities and the lot premiums generated for the developer.

In the final analysis, the addition of polo components in Argentina real estate developments is another important step in the trend of polo’s democratization away from something elite and unapproachable to a sport that can and should be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Argentina’s abundance of open spaces and quality ponies, the relatively low cost of participating in equestrian sports and the country’s rich polo tradition are making this a reality. (Full Story in Spanish)

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